How to Get Hydatos Bunny Chests in World of Warcraft

Getting a Hydatos Bunny chests in World of Warcraft is an awesome way to snag some free loot and a nice reward for your work in the game. The ‘bunnies’ in this game have an incredible amount of power and if you can manage to find them and unlock their FATEs, you’ll be able to complete them and get some pretty impressive items.

Get Level VI Materia

Using the Materia system in FFXIV is a great way to boost your stats and your skill level. This can be achieved by purchasing or creating MateriaGetting a Hydatos Bunny chest or melding Materia into your equipment. Some equipment allows you to meld more Materia than others. Using Materia in conjunction with other equipment can give you many benefits, including increased stats, increased damage, or the ability to perform a specific action.

One way to get a Materia item is by using the Desynthesis ability. This will allow you to get Materia out of equipment that has worn out. However, you will need to have a high enough level to perform this task.

Another way to get Materia is by purchasing it from market boards. These boards can be found in three major cities in Eorzea. They sell all sorts of items, and often sell their wares at a very high price.

Unlock the “And We Shall Call It Hydatos” region

Having completed Eureka, your next stop is where you can find the “and we shall call it region of Hydatos Bunny chests. The region contains the aforementioned Bunny and the corresponding chest, but it also has the potential to drop the good stuff. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the world of Hydatos, you’re sure to find something to thrill your taste buds.

The region is not a vacuum, as it is home to various NPCs, a single target tank buster (The Scarlet Price), and several high level mobs. Depending on your level and luck, you might find some interesting drops. The Hydatos zone is a good place to find gold and silver, as well as some cool mounts, such as the Eurekan Petrel mount.

Unlock the “Moisture-warped lockboxes”

Obtaining the “Moisture-warped lockboxes” in Hydatos Bunny chests can be a little tricky. This lockbox system is similar to previous lockboxes in Pagos. You can find these by killing mobs that adapt to Hydatos. However, there are several other ways to locate them.

First, you need to reach ELvl 59. You can also obtain the Eurekan Petrel and the Aetherically Conductive Plate at ELvl 60. In addition, you can obtain Sharlayn Aether Oil as a reagent for the Baldesion Arsenal. These items are not sold on MB. Hydatos Bunny chest in Pyros, you can not port these items via the map.

Alternatively, you can buy these items from R’ghonati in Kugane at Pier #1. You can then exchange the Moisture-warped Lockbox for an Expedition Lockpick in your base. The item you receive will give you a 10% increase in EXP for a short period of time. This will allow you to level faster.

Complete the ‘bunnies’ FATEs

‘Bunny’ FATEs appear in Hydatos. These are a great way to obtain a hefty amount of EXP. However, they can be risky. If you aren’t actively hunting, it’s best to avoid them. However, if you are, they can lead to buried treasure in various locations. In some cases, they can give you a cool 100,000 Gil!

FATEs are triggered by killing monsters that are associated with them. They are also triggered naturally. In other cases, they are triggered purposefully. However, in most cases, completing them can be an excellent way to gain EXP. You can also gain a hefty amount of crystals in the process.

You can complete FATEs by working with a group. You can also do them solo. If you are in a group of five or more, you will generally get decent EXP by chaining mobs together.

Leveling in Eureka

Using the Eureka leveling system can be difficult. It’s important to be aware of the elements of the area and find the best balance of mobs to help you level up.

The best place to start is with a group. The number of players you need to take on a monster should be no more than three or four levels above your character. This will make it easier to survive.

You’ll want to pick a class for your character. Choose from magical, physical, or a combination of the two. If you’re using a magical class, you’ll need to buy the Damascene Cloth. This will boost your elemental defense.

You’ll also need to purchase a special armor. It’s not cheap, but it’s essential if you want to be able to tank in the final zone.

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