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How To Hiking the Dudley Trail in Katahdin

The Dudley Trail in Katahdin is closed until further notice because of unstable conditions. It is very narrow and requires boulder scrambling on the Baxter peak side. It has been closed since 2016, due to two men who got lost near the South Peak. Dudley Trail is not the only trail to avoid while visiting the national park.

Cathedral Trail

The Cathedral Trail is the most difficult trail to hike on Mount Katahdin. This steep trail is over 2,000 feet in elevation and starts near the ranger cabin. This section of the trail offers great views of the northern basins and peaks of the mountain. You’ll climb over boulders and find the occasional secluded pond along the way. You’ll also face some challenging terrain, so use caution when hiking this trail.

The Cathedral Trail begins at the bottom of Chimney Pond and climbs up to Baxter Peak. The trail starts out with a rocky section and soon reaches a large boulder field and rockslide. It’s possible to hand-over-foot your way up the trail, but be sure to bring proper footwear.

After ascending to the summit, follow the ridge. This section is steeper than the knifes edge trail. You’ll cross over the ridge of Katahdin’s South Peak, which is 7 feet lower than Baxter Peak. Afterward, follow the trail to descend to Chimney Pond, where you can view the woods and waters of Maine to the east.

Abol Trail

The Abol Trail is the easiest route up to the summit of Katahdin, starting from the Abol Campground in Baxter State Park. It connects with the Hunt Trail near the summit and offers easy hiking and some rock scrambling. The trail quickly leaves the treeline and is steep throughout, but there are no large stream crossings. Although it’s steep, the Abol Trail has fewer scramble sections than the Hunt Trail.

The Abol Trail continues east after crossing a rock slide at mile 2.4. This trail is not difficult, but it is a little rocky, and the boulders get bigger. The last half mile of the hike is flat, and it intersects with the Hunt Trail near Thoreau Spring. The Abol Trail ends at Thoreau Spring and is not a great trail to take alone. From the Baxter Cut-Off, you can continue hiking on the Baxter Trail or the Hunt Trail.

If you’re a first-time hiker, be sure to take the proper precautions. Katahdin is known for its stormy weather, and many have died while trying to climb it. Unless you’ve got all of the proper equipment, a winter ascent of Katahdin is extremely difficult. Taking into account the avalanche risk, you should consider whether you’re ready for such a difficult trek.

Dudley Trail

The popular Dudley Trail up Mount Katahdin is currently closed and is not scheduled to reopen in 2019. The closure follows a rock slide in 2016 that closed the trail. The trail was an essential part of a hiking loop on the mountain, but now the reroute has not been scheduled to open until 2019.

dudley trail katahdin used to connect Pamola Peak to the Chimney Pond Campground, but it is closed until further notice. In the meantime, hikers can still take the Knife Edge Trail that leads to the summit. The trail is 1.1 miles long and involves scrambling over rocks, crossing two streams and navigating a narrow ridge.

Hikers on the Dudley Trail can view some spectacular views as they make their way up Pamola’s north ridge. In the background, Chimney Pond is visible.

Chimney Pond Trail

If you’re looking for a challenging hiking trail, look no further than Mount Katahdin. Several routes lead up to the summit of the 4,000-foot peak, including the Dudley Trail, Helon Taylor Trail, and Chimney Pond Trail. Although the trails are rocky, they are in relatively good condition.

If you’re planning to do a backpacking trip, you can choose from the Chimney Pond Trail, Dudley, or Knife Edge trails. These routes will take you up the mountain via the ridge of Katahdin, where you’ll find an incredibly beautiful view. You can also choose to hike on the Dudley Trail to Pamola Peak and then return via the Chimney Pond Trail. Remember to take care while hiking in these areas, and never operate power equipment or chainsaws.

The Dudley Trail is the longest hiking route in the park. The Dudley section features muddy forest switchbacks. You can also add on a couple of miles to the trip to visit the nearby Pamola Caves.

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