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How to Stay in LoopNet Laguna Beach

LoopNet Laguna Beach is a community organization that helps families in need. Many families experience difficulties during the holiday season. This group holds an annual Adopt A Family celebration in mid-December. The goal is to inspire a joyful outlook for families in need. This event is held in the community and is open to the public.

Tim is the Past Board Chair of LBCC

Tim is the Past Board Chair of Loopnet, a nonprofit association dedicated to helping the community and local businesses succeed. He loves all things hearth, home and hospitality and enjoys working with his hands. He also enjoys repurposing old objects and building things from scratch.

Tim is the lead counsel for a class action lawsuit

Tim Dawson is the immediate past board chair of the loopnet laguna beach Community Center and a lead donor to a clinic refurbishment project. He is also the lead counsel for a class action lawsuit filed against a large insurance conglomerate. The case is expected to be settled for $500 million to benefit a class of policyholders. He also works pro bono with the Inner City Law Center on Skid Row in Los Angeles. He has worked on a $7 million case for the group on behalf of 200 tenants.

The suit claims that the entities failed to disclose faults and violated city fire codes. The entity also failed to provide tenants with adequate information regarding the conditions of their units. Until now, the defendants have not filed a formal answer to the plaintiffs’ complaint.

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