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How To Using Hydatos Aetheryte Skills in FFXIV

Those of you who play the Hydatos aetheryte skills will be excited to learn that there are some new that have been introduced to the game. These skills will allow you to level up your character and unlock some new abilities. There are a few things you will want to know about these new abilities and how they work.


Unlike the previous Eureka zones, Eureka Hydatos is easier to traverse. The map’s layout features a western side filled with lower level mobs and an eastern side with higher level mobs. The Eureka Effect can increase your elemental defense and gives you more elemental offense.

The Eureka Hydatos phase also features the main Aetheryte. You can find it by walking up a large column in the west column. You can also find it at the Ethernet Relay. The same is true of the Dormitory Aetheryte. You can also find the Pooled Aether at the East Val River Bank.

The Eureka Hydatos zone is also home to a number of Aetheryte teleporters. These can be used to get to other zones. However, they cannot be ported via map.

There are also several based quests. These include the one for a relic weapon enhancement. Aetherytes also allow you to ride mounts. If you are at level 60 player, you will be able to get a Eurekan Petrel.

Bunny Fates

During the Eureka Hydatos phase, players can take a ride on the Aetheryte. While riding, the player can also pass through mobs. The mobs in Hydatos are divided into three zones, and the east side of the zone is full of higher level mobs. The west side is filled with lower level mobs.

Players can also take the Aetheryte to travel between zones. In order to do this, the player needs to attune to the Aetheryte. The Aetheryte is located on the southwest side of Hydatos. It is located near Carbonatite Quarry.

The Aetheryte can be unlocked at level 9. Once players have completed the Challenge Log quests for that week, they can attune to the Aetheryte.

Hydatos has a variety of goodies drops. These include: Moisture-Warped Lockboxes, which can be exchanged for R’ghonati at Pier #1 in Kugane. Also, players can receive additional loot drops if they take the time to kill NMs and Monsters.

Leveling up

Whether you’re a solo or group, leveling up in Hydatos aetheryte skills is an important task. There are a variety of leveling strategies, from chaining to using the Challenge Log.

The challenge log is a weekly requirement that rewards full levels for killing enemies. It is also useful for helping you move on. Aetherytes are useful for leveling up, and they can also be obtained through weekly Challenge Log quests.

One of the easiest ways to obtain these nifty little items is by buying market board logograms. Each logogram has a unique reward, such as a +1 or +2 Armor. The Logos Board stores up to six Logos Action trays, which means you can mix and match more combinations than ever.

Aetherytes also have the added benefit of providing great EXP. If you’re a solo leveler, you might want to start out with King Igloo FATE. This is located in the top left corner of the map and is close to easy mobs outside of the camp gate.


During your journey through Hydatos aetheryte skills, you may come across a Hydatos Lockbox. This lockbox has a chance to yield a Minion. It is also an item that is untradeable. This type of lockbox is similar to previous ones found in Pagos.

Eureka Hydatos consists of various types of mobs. They are located in different parts of the island. The eastern side of the island is more populated with higher level mobs. The west side has lower level mobs. There is also a large area of the island covered by gum. This may have been caused by a life-stream disturbance.

The main Aetheryte in Eureka is located at the Central Point. It is calmer than the other ideas. This area also has several NPCs to talk to.

To progress through Eureka, you must obtain 5-Crystalline Scales. Aetherytes can be used to transport between zones, but they cannot be transported to Teleport-Menu. If you wish to enter the Baldesion Arsenal, you can use the Aetheric Stabilizer.

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