The Drakesbad Guest Ranch Fire in Lassen Volcanic National Park

Drakesbad guest ranch fire that swept through the Lassen Volcanic National Park affected in California. The fire damaged the Juniper Lake cabins and the Mount Harkness lookout tower. Thankfully, the Drakesbad Guest Ranch itself remained standing in the Warner Valley.

Drakesbad Hot Hprings

The Drakesbad Guest Ranch Fire in Lassen Volcanic National Park has left behind some damaged structures, but it left most of the ranch’s structures standing. Two duplex units on the Drakesbad Guest Ranch were destroyed, along with the water treatment plant. The other structures affected by the fire were seven Juniper Lake inholder cabins and a National Park Service cabin. In addition, two bridges over Mill Creek Falls Trail were destroyed.

Drakesbad guest ranch fire, situated in Warner Valley, is a historic property that dates back to the turn of the twentieth century. The fire was the result of a forest fire. Restoring the resilience of more landscapes is critical for the ecological and economic health of the Sierra Nevada region.

Drakesbad Guest Ranch

In California’s Lassen Volcanic National Park, you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, outdoor activities, and wildlife from drakesbad guest ranch fire. In addition to offering lodging in rustic cabins and lodge rooms, the ranch also features horseback riding, fly-fishing, and guided horseback rides. All meals are included in the price of the room.Drakesbad guest ranch fire restaurant and bar offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On Wednesdays, chefs will cook an old-fashioned barbecue. From here, you can hike along Devil’s Kitchen Trail, which leads to alpine lakes, meadows, and hydrothermal features.

This historic property was originally established by Edward Drake, who homesteaded the area and created Drake’s Baths, which remain in operation today. The original lodge was destroyed by snow in 1937-38, but was rebuilt in 10 days. The Dixie in the Juniper Lake Area has burned for about a month, but the Drakesbad guest ranch fire has been fortified against it and was equipped with exterior sprinklers.


Drakesbad guest ranch fire recent in Warner Valley, CA, caused significant damage to the. Although most structures were spared, the guest ranch lost two duplex units, an annex, and its water treatment plant. In addition, seven cabins in Juniper Lake, including one from the National Park Service, were destroyed. The fire also destroyed two bridges on Mill Creek Falls Trail, which leads to the ranch.

Drakesbad guest ranch fire affected the east and south-eastern parts of the Lassen Volcanic National Park. The western portion of the park was not affected. In addition to camping, Drakesbad Guest Ranch offers cabins and lodge rooms. However, guests must make reservations in advance.


The Drakesbad Guest Ranch fire was burned to the ground on July 19, but it was not the only place affected. The annex and two bungalow units were also lost, and the water plant was damaged. Other areas affected by the fire included Juniper Lake Area and Mt. Harkness Fire Lookout, which had wooden portions that were damaged or destroyed. A view of Mill Creek Falls was also damaged, and a bridge to the waterfall was damaged. A team of firefighters is still working to clean up the area, but the timetable for full containment has been revised.

The Drakesbad Guest Ranch is a family tradition for many people. A stay here includes all meals. It also has a handicapped-accessible pool. Children seven to 14 can stay for a reduced rate. The guest ranch also has an outdoor hot springs pool. Depending on the season, the temperature of the Drake’s Bath can reach 102 degrees.

Final thoughts

The Drakesbad Guest Ranch fire in California was badly damaged in the in the Warner Valley Area. Fortunately, most of the structures at the ranch were not destroyed. A few structures were damaged, including two guest ranch duplex units, an annex, and a water treatment plant. The ranch also lost seven cabins on Juniper Lake and one National Park Service cabin. Additionally, two bridges on the Mill Creek Falls Trail were destroyed.

The guest ranch is located inside the Lassen Volcanic National Park, about four hours from San Francisco. The area is a wonderful place to unplug from the world. There is no cell phone reception for miles.

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